Leaky Homes

Weathertightness describes the resistance of a building to the conditions, and safeguards homes against dampness and damage caused by moisture. Most leaky buildings in the region were built in the 1990s and early 2000s, using methods that do not comply with the New Zealand Building Code. For homeowners, it’s scary news to find out their house is leaky, but Hawes is here to help.

What does remediation involve?

Fixing leaky homes is a specialised area, as substandard repair jobs can lead to more costly repairs further down the track. In recent years, Hawes Building Solutions has been involved in numerous remediation projects in the Bay of Plenty, including some rather challenging jobs.

Remediation can require a full reroofing and recladding, where all the existing wall cladding is removed to expose and asses the framing. Damaged framing can be replaced, and what remains can be treated. Partial recladding could be an option if the damage can be isolated to a single area or cladding type. In some cases, all it takes is localised repairs.

Opportunity to add value

Your Project Manager will keep you fully informed throughout the process and communicate clearly and in timely fashion with you about what needs to be done to fix your home. When starting a weather tightness remediation project, homeowners could also think about other alterations that can be done at the same time, to increase the property’s value and improve its sustainability. Contact us any time if you have questions or if you would like to book a consultation with one of our remediation specialists.

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