Harvey Norman Project

Matua Pine Trust – Stage 1 Davelopment

In February 2013 Hawes Building Solutions began conversion of the old Foodtown building on Cameron Road to make way for a new Harvey Norman store, with another large retail space next to it.  Harvey Norman now occupies over half of the completely transformed building, with the remainder of the space taken up by another retail space which is yet to be tenanted.

Hawes Building Solutions Ltd secured the contract to design and build the complex thanks partly to the exposure we gained from another high profile project, the Number One Shoes building in Elizabeth Street, which was completed in December 2012.

The client already had a concept of what they wanted, involving redeveloping the former supermarket building and developing the car park area out the back to create a new retail complex.

Hawes Building Solutions put together a comprehensive submission complete with budgets and came back to the client with a fixed cost to design and hand over the project ready to go. When accepted as head contractor we immediately engaged the architect, engineers and consultants to prepare the documents ready for building consent submission.

The initial part of the project was quite complex because it involved significant demolition and earthquake strengthening. There was a large concrete mezzanine floor with huge concrete beams and slabs that had to be demolished. A separate demolition consent was granted just to have that phase of work completed early and reduce timeframe pressure on the main building work.

The entire roof had to be replaced and the building was reclad. A new glass shop front was constructed and insulation installed throughout the building. The Hawes Building Solutions team also constructed new amenity facilities in both tenancies.

The Harvey Norman store occupies 1600sqm, the yet to be leased shop next door is 1300sqm.  The project is owned by a local trust and they were very happy that it was completed on time and to budget.