Seville Apartments

This job was located on the beachfront of Oceanbeach Road, Mt Maunganui.  This was a three level building with three different apartment owners occupying a level each.

Hawes Building Solutions was contracted through Prendos Property Consultants to undertake the building repairs on full contract with an agreed fixed lump sum.  The original scope of works included new and improved roof structures and roofing, replacement of aluminium joinery and claddings, re-building of deck falls and replacement of deck membranes.   New deck balustrades throughout and replacement of structural framing were also required.

The building was fully scaffolded and encapsulated with shrinkwrap to allow good continuity and productivity of work on site.  Unfortunately one month into the rebuild Hawes Building Solutions experienced a massive storm and subsequently lost the shrinkwrap which caused extensive internal water damage to the building.  As a result of this storm all three apartments were fully refurbished.

This was a very challenging project for the Hawes Building Solutions team as they were dealing with insurance claims and three different apartment owners who requested various additions to the original contract.  Hawes Building Solutions was very fortunate to have three excellent clients to work with and this allowed the rebuild to continue with minimum fuss.

All parties were happy with the final outcome and the quality of finish of the building.